Rev. Rodney Duckett



Pastor Rodney leads our worship time in an exciting journey through God’s Word. Each week we are challenged to not simply hear a sermon, but more importantly, allow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, change us daily.

Rev. Ray Frazier

Ray2Missions Coordinator

Ray is the person in our church who gets us serving in our community and around the world. Ray leads our church to be an example of Christ's love and mercy by using the talents and resources God has given each of us to meet the needs of others.

Debbie Irvin

Debbie-3-300X300- Circle

Church Administrator

Every organization has a person who keeps things running smoothly. Debbie is this person and she runs a "tight ship" around the office area. If you need anything administratively, or just have a question, you can go to Debbie and she will see to it that your needs are met.